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Rihanna New X-Factor Judge??! .... With Chris Brown???

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Watch out Nicki Minaj, Rihanna maybe the next new reality T.V. judge...

We are hearing that Simon Cowell has Rihanna at the top of his list to judge X-Factor next season. But who will he be moving out the way for her?... Britney Spears or Demi Lovato?? L.A. Reid has already announced his departure from the show...  And we hear Brit could be next!

So will X-Factor be looking for an all NEW panel?

The ratings have dipped in the UK and with L.A. Reid definitely not returning to the US show there are lots of changes that could be on the way..... So we hear Simon is interested in getting Rihanna for either one — the UK or US.

He spends Christmas in Barbados... so he may just be meeting up with her there.

Wonder if Simon will consider having Chris Brown on too in place of Reid.... now THAT would be a show.

We will watch just to see the two of them lol.


Britney Spears Leaving X-Factor?... Guess Who Could Take Her Place!

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