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Rihanna & Chris Brown Having Baby?!

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 Is it true???

Are RiRi ad Chris Brown having a baby? First sources say Chris' ex- Karrueche was prego and now.. Rihanna...

"She asked her record company when would be the best time for her to take off, as she wants a baby,” 

the Sun magazine quoted a source as saying.

 The magazine also claimed that the Umbrella hitmaker’s mom Monica is furious about the reunion - and is terrified by the prospect of the couple having a baby.

“She called Rihanna to yell at her, asking what she’s doing with her life,”

 the source said.

“They’ve been blowing up over the Chris issue for weeks now. Her mom has told her not to waste any time on Chris and said, ‘Is this the type of man you want as your baby’s dad?’

CNN is saying... Is Rihanna making a miztake going back with Breezy? What do you think....

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