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Ochocinco Sex Tape Leaks! Chad & Evelyn Respond! (VIDEO)

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Word has it these two are back together, will this sex tape leak stop them?

After their nasty break-up and divorce over a domestic violence case, looks like Chad "Ocho Cinco" Johnson and Evelyn Lozada are back on. Evelyn is currently filming for the March release of "Basketball Wives" season 5 and word is Ocho will be making his appearances with her on the show.

                                             Inner Circle By Lozada, Evelyn/ Parker, Courtney

Not only that. Chad has admitted on his Twitter page that they live together now. When asked if him and Eve still talk he said,

We live together no choice but to talk 

But will this recent sex tape release put a halt on things? Or is it just promo for the show?

Worldstar Hip-Hop leaked photos of the tape with this description:

Viewer dropped these old photos in our inbox. Allegedly Chad Ocho Cinco giving ol' girl the business. The photo is really a video that was taken as a screen-shot during Chad's alleged sexcapades with a full audience in the background. In the photo you can see what appears to be Chad hitting it from the back, and another photo of the stripper riding Chad until the wheels fall off. While everyone in the background was getting an eye-full, one woman wanted to treasure the moment forever and record it. You can see her doing so in the mirrors reflection.

Eve doesn't seem happy at all about the leak, but says it's old news to her...

When Ocho was asked on Twitter if  the sex tape will stop him and Evelyn from reconciling, he responded...

 Fuck no, it's 3/4years old

UPDATE: Ocho believes the video was hacked from his phone and has contacted the FBI to help hunt down the culprit.  He's contacted his lawyer (who deals specifically with cyber crimes) to put together a cease-and-desist letter to get the footage yanked from the web.

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