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NEW MUSIC VIDEO: "Fairy World" from Russia

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Russian singer Dima Bilan is not only one of the most popular and beloved musicians in his country, but is also having a huge fanbase from all around the world . Dima has won Eurovision song contest in 2008, got 8 MTV European Music Awards and, according to MTV, is officially Best European Act of 2012. Well, from now Dima will try to beat current success with his alter ego - Vitya Belan. 

The video for "Fairy World" was oficially premiered in the cyberspace on December 24th, Bilan's 31st Birthday. It's funny, that his real birth name is actually Vitya, and it is shortened name for Victor. Due to  several circumstances musician had to change his name, but now we guess he's back ;)

In interviews Dima has mentioned that he wants to create the music that's close to his heart, not TV and radio music formats. So he came up with idea of creating alter ego and 'Fairy world' is his first work as Vitya Belan.

For now Vitya's first work allreadygot good responces and admirement  not only from Dimas current fans, but also from music critics.

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