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Citizens Carry Rocket Launchers At Home Now?!

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How do people get their hands on these things???

In a no question asked, gun buyback rally....2,037 firearms, including 75 assault weapons and two anti-tank rocket launchers were traded in for supermarket gift cards. But why in the world are regular citizens carrying rocket launchers???

Officials say this is not that unusual...

"we've had them in the past." 

Police believe the "shoulder-fired" weapons are antiquated, decades-old, launchers from wars past often picked up by collectors or passed down to family members by veterans.

They propel rocket grenades, but officials call them "non-working" because they did not have the "projectiles" with them.
When asked if they could arouse terror concerns among FBI and Homeland Security officials... officials say that the LAPD had received no inquiries and that the department would, in any case, honor its no-questions-asked commitment to keep the donors anonymous.

So people just have these things laying around their house?

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