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#Thanksgiving NFL Scores & Why Tim Tebow Really Isn't Playing!

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Thanksgiving is about family, food, being thankful and of course --- FOOTBALL!


Houston Texans 34, Detroit Lions 31

Washington Red Skins 38, Dallas Cowboys 31

New England Patriots 49, New York Jets 19

A lot of inquiring football lovers are scratching their heads...asking themselves... why the heck are the New York Jets not playing Tim Tebow????

Some say their current Quarterback Mark Sanchez is to blame... others say the Jets just wanted Tim Tebow off the field in Football all together.. and that's why they drafted him.

But after the Thanksgiving slaughter the Patriots put on the Jets, and no sight of Tim Tebow on the field once again ---just sounds of fans screaming his name and booing the Jets in their own city for not bringing him in --- Tim Tebow finally spoke out. 

Tebow has revealed that he fractured two ribs in the game against the Seattle Seahawks on Nov. 11 has not played since, because of the injury.

Tebow was dressed to play but claimed he was only in uniform

 "for my teammates in case they needed me in an emergency situation."

"I was ready to go if they needed me...It was not ideal but I just wanted to be there for my teammates and do whatever I can to help."

Tebow fractured a rib last season's playoff loss to the Patriots while with the Denver Broncos but said this latest injury is in a different location, though he didn't specify. The one he suffered in January was his second rib closer to his collarbone.

The Jets, who have not being doing well this season, now have a 10-day layoff before their next game, which should help Tebow's healing process a bit.

"In my mind, I'll be ready to go when they need me and whatever I can do for the team, that's my mindset."
But does it mean they will finally play him????

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