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"TALK OF THE WEEK": Sex & Football Scandals!

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Hmmm... sex and Football are on a lot of your minds this week.

Interesting combination and even more interesting scandals that went down.


Listen to the "Talk of the Week"below:


He subdued Iraq, steered the course for exit in Afghanistan, and is one of the most decorated generals of his generation. But now General David Petraeus, Director of the Central Intelligence Agency, is a household name for a whole other reason..... he couldnt even keep is own secrets locked down!

Petraeus' career is  now tarnished by a cheating sex scandal that has the world talking. He had to resignfrom  his CIA post this week after acknowledging an extramarital affair with his biographer, Paula Broadwell (photoed above.) The FBI began investigating the matter last summer but didn’t notify the White House of Congress until after the election.

The story got even messier when not one but TWO woman came forward claiming to be his mistresses from his wife. Jill Kelley was the "other- other woman." (photoed below)

.....both were fighting over a man that wasn't even theirs.

And in Florida a different kind of scandal hit.

Normally by this time during the Florida Classic college football bowl game weekend would be selling out seats....

Not this year. For the first time in the game's 32 years, Florida A&M University's Marching 100 band won't participate in the halftime show - which means that attendance was way down....

"Now we know how much impact the FAMU band had," 

one person said with a sigh.

The band was suspended for the academic year following last year's Classic, after drum major Robert Champion died during a hazing incident. Authorities say Champion, who was 26, was beaten to death by fellow band members aboard a bus parked outside an Orlando hotel.

Champion's death has cast a shadow over this year's Classic, one of the state's biggest football rivalries.

The scandal may have affected FAMU's football team because they ended up losing, 21-16, against Bethune- Cookman University this year.


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