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#TOTTexclusive Interview: MTV Challenge Champion, Camila, Talks "Battle of the Seasons" (Video)

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 SHE'S BACK! MTV Challenge champ, Camila, talks to us about the new season, "Battle of the Seasons"...

Firecracker MTV cast member Camila Nakagawa, who is the current reigning champion of "MTV's Challenge" reality show, tells radio personality Lady T how she really felt about competing on the new season...

She fires off at the guys in the house and talks about fights with Knight and her own team member, Eric aka "Big Easy"!

Were they all BIG BULLIES?

Hear what she had to say....

What about her last Challenge partner and ex-boyfriend from "Battle of the Exes".... who she holds the champion title with... Johnny Bananas? Do they still talk? Camila tells us the scoop...

Reflecting on the show and our interview, Camila then sent this personal email about her bad choices and struggle with drinking that has affected her during the MTV Challenges:

I'm a very passionate person, and on top of that I speak my mind in all circumstances (I believe in total honestly and sometimes I can be too blunt, but Its always with good intentions)... When you mix that with alcohol, you never know what might happen, all it takes is someone to say or do something that I don't agree with and I go at it-- some people are passive drunks and others become very intense, I just happen to be one of those really intense people-- but if I'm sober, I would never in my right mind do or say 99% the things I do while intoxicated-- there's a reason why they say "alcohol is a bitch", you don't have control over what you do, my real mistake was ever letting alcohol get the best of me. It does suck to be interpreted as a reflection of what too much alcohol does to you... But on the other hand it was my choice to drink, I just never knew how crazy I got , and that is not the person I am or the person I ever want to be. I am crazy lol in a good way-- im not afraid, I'll travel anywhere in any circumstances, I mean there is practically nothing I won't do & I don't give up on anything I do in life... But when I drink unfortunately the negative side affects comes out. Plus, it's only my 2nd yr drinking so it's a learning process... I am sorry for ever hurting anyone with my ways or words... But at the end of the day, if someone is not willing to give me a second chance, look deeper and try to see me for who I really am then there is nothing i can do... I always try to give everyone a second or third chance- a lot of people don't need to be drunk to be disrespectful and they do it while sober... I would still always give them a second chance. Life is too short to get caught up thinking we got people we don't even know figured out... It's not worth it! No one is perfect and I know what I need to do in order to be myself 100% of the time and I think that's all I need to worry about-- not so much what other people who don't know me or don't try to see beyond the drunk episodes think of me... I gotta worry about my life instead because no one else is doing it for me! ;")

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  1. Awesome interview.Camila is a true competitor!

  2. big easy needs to retire. Camila is a beast in these challenges n gets stuck with a quitter #BattleOfTheSeasons