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Rihanna & Chris Brown Fighting ALREADY?!

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The town's been talking about these two fighting again...

Rihanna has been working hard in studio on her new album, "Unapologetic," and rumor has it she wants Chris there with her every step of the way...and it may be causing problems. At first we heard they were in the actual recording booth getting down and dirty, getting authentic sounds for their new song together and now sources say,
"Rihanna is under a lot of stress [with her new album] and she wants [Chris] with her all the time. But Chris has his own stuff to do."
"[Rihanna] is very extra. She orders him around like 'come here' . . . 'do this. That s--t used to work before [when Chris and Rihanna were together], but Chris is a lot older. He's a man and so you can't do him like that anymore."
Sounds like it could be true... what do you think so true or so false?

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