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Beyonce Loses Movie Oscar For President Obama???

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Did Beyonce's political views just lose her an Oscar?!

As we reported last year, Beyonce Knowles was set to be the star in Clint Eastwood's flick “A Star is Born”...which some say may have been her Oscar winning role.

The role was once played by Barbara Streisand, and by Judy Garland in 1954.

Now, according to sources, the new mom is said to have quit the movie.... citing scheduling conflicts.

Some say it's because she may be pregnant again... Jay-Z says that's not the case.

But how about Clint Eastwood talking to that empty chair, supporting Mitt Romney at the Replication National Convention..... Could Bey have quit Eastwood's movie because her and hubby Jay-Z are some of President Obama's biggest supporters?

Beyonce's also not the only one... We hear Eastwood has not yet settled on a male lead for the film either...because all the big actors he's asking are turning it down too.


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