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"TALK OF THE WEEK": Rihanna & Chris Brown KISS! Chris' GIRLFRIEND Responds...

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Whoa, did that just happen?!


Listen to the "Talk of the Week"below:

The MTV VMA 2012 were this week, but all everyone could keep talking about was that shocking kiss that Rihanna and her ex- Chris Brown shared!

It wasn't aired on live t.v. but was indeed captured by MTV's cameras. After Rihanna won her award for best Video of the Year... she walked off stage and that's when Chris Brown stood up to greet RiRi with a kiss. Rihanna then went on to give Breezy an affectionate love rub on his head.

But guess who was sitting right next to Chris the entire time this love rendezvous happened? Chris Brown's current girlfriend of a few years, Karrueche.

Sources close to his girlfriend say she is totally PISSED! And wouldn't you be? If your partners ex started rubbing them on their head.

The source says,

"[Karrueche] and Rihanna really hate one another and Chris ultimately just does what he wants....Seeing him with Rihanna at such a public event made her very angry."

Rihanna, of course, kept the speculation going on her Twitter page. Tweeting things like...

“What’s love without tragedy?!”


"I was his Marilyn Monroe. "

The MTV moment was the ex-couple's first public appearance together in over 3 years. We told you this might happen!

So we got to ask...

  • Should Chris and RiRi get back together?
  • Do you think they are secretly banging?
  • and most importantly, what would you do if you were Chris' current girlfriend???


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