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New "American Idol" Judges -- Mariah Responds About Cat Fights w/ Nicki Minaj! (PHOTOS)

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Is it a battle of the divas already?

After lots of speculation, the official panel of the "American Idol" judges has been revealed. The new panel will be Mariah Carey, Nicki Minaj, Keith Urban and Randy Jackson.. with host Ryan Seacrest.

Before the official panel was announced there were rumors that Mariah has been unhappy that another female, Nicki Minaj, would be joining the show. We hear now that the show has starting recording, the two are arguing over contestants and even talking over each other.

Mariah was quick to dispel the rumors though, saying they have only been together for two day and
“a feud takes a little longer to happen.”

Hmmm.... we will be watching!


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