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Mariah Carey Upset Over Nicki Minaj?!!

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Seems like Mariah is not feeling Nicki Minaj right now...

Did American Idol pull the rug from under Mariah by bringing in ANOTHER, much younger, female.... Nicki Minaj? Rumor has it, AI called their new judge Mariah Carey to tell her that Nicki Minaj may be the other judge coming to the panel and MiMi hung up the phone on them.

We LOVE Nicki, but can you blame Mariah? If Nicki comes on board, the focus will be more on Ms. Minaj and it will be more like Mariah who?

Also seems like AI is just throwing EVERYONE'S name in the pot, from Kanye West to Enrique Iglesias, Keith Urban to Diddy for suspected judges....

Who do YOU think should be the next American Idol panel?

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