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Kelly Ripa's New Co-Host To Replace Regis Is...........

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Looks like this guy will be sitting along side Kelly very soon!

UPDATE: It has been officially announced...

Fox NFL Sunday co-host and former New York Giants Super Bowl champ, Michael Strahan will be filling the seat next to Kelly Ripa on Live!, starting September 4.

When asked about joining the show on "Showbiz Tonight," Strahan said...

"If they offered me the gig I'd be in New York before the ink dried."

From what we hear, Strahan tried out for the gig in June...lost his pants, litterally, and apparently impressed the bosses so much that the ink is already set to go!

Since Regis left nine months ago, Kelly has had 59 guest hosts.

Strahan will reportedly keep his job on Fox NFL Sunday and commute to Los Angeles on weekends.

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