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WHOA: Turn Your iPhone Into Stun Gun?!!!

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This just doesn't sound right...

Stun guns could save your life while in danger, but how safe it is if everyone is walking around with one?

The Yellow Jacket iPhone case has been buzzing all day (no pun)! It has 650K volt stun gun capability, and includes an external battery allowing the iPhone an additional 20 hours of charge if needed. The gun can’t be fired by mistake and it fires in less than a second.

Creators Baton Rouge released this statement:
“While creating this product, we realized that this would be a device people would place next to their face. Because of this, CREATING A SAFE PRODUCT WAS THE NUMBER ONE FOCUS OF OUR DESIGN TEAM. Yellow Jacket features a safety switch and a rotating electrode cap, both intended to prevent accidental discharge.”

The case will retail for $125 when it is available. Will you be buying it?

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