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"TALK OF THE WEEK": Who's Getting Arrested For Chris Brown & Drake's Bloody Club Brawl?

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After their BIG brawl this week, who will be getting arrested?


Listen to the "Talk of the Week"below:

On the early morning of June 16th, 2012 Chris Brown let us know via Twitter that a bloody bottle brawl had broke out. Which we quickly found out also involved rappers Drake and Meek Mill, who Chris has had some previous "beef" with over his ex, Rihanna.

Chris Brown, his bodyguard, along with NBA Player Tony Parker and numerous other innocent bystanders were slammed with bottles during the mayhem.

So far, Chris Brown has laywer-ed up and allegedly Drake's people are not cooperating with the police.

Even though Meek Mill says he wasn't involved police say they have video evidence.

Rihanna had no comment....

Get more details on what really happened that night...

UPDATE: Chris Brown & Drake Brawl! NYPD Now Investigating!

This is not the first fight with these boys, just the other day the problems erupted on Twitter...

TWEET OF THE WEEK: Chris Brown, Drake & Meek Mill Beef Over Rihanna

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