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A Perfect Match: Chad Ochocinco Signs To Miami Dolphins & Filming HBO Special...

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It's going to be a BUSY season for Ocho...

After being released just days ago from the New England Patriots, Chad Ochocinco is joining the Dolphins. The wide receiver announced the move on his own "Ochocinco News Network" site...

We just got confirmation from Chad Ochocinco that he has just signed with the Miami Dolphins. The 6 time Pro Bowler will now get a chance to finish his career in his home state. More details as they arrive.

Miami has also confirmed the move.

This is a perfect combo for both the Miami Dolphins and Ocho... not only do the Dolphins need a good wide receiver...they are slated to film their HBO Special "Hard Knocks" in September, which will follow the team around, and we all know Ocho is no stranger to Reality TV.

You have to admit, the Dolphins seemed like an odd choice for HBO's hit reality series. From the outside at least, there doesn't appear to be much personality there and no household names, other than Reggie Bush... so having Ocho aboard should really help give the Dolphins it's ratings.

The HBO Special, the NFL football season and Ocho's Reality Show with his wife, Evelyn Lozada all begin in September.

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