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NBA Superstar Sues For 20 Million Over Chris Brown/ Drake Brawl!

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He was injured in the Chris Brown/ Drake fight and now he wants 20 Million dollars!

NBA baller, Tony Parker from the San Antonio Spurs filed the lawsuit Thursday in NY State Supreme Court ... against W.i.P. Nightclub the club where the Breezy and Drake bloody bottle brawl went down. In the suit he alleges the club's security was negligent for allowing the brawl to ever happen.

Tony Parker's injury is a huge deal because it could affect his NBA career, and more immediately, his performance in the Olympics with the French national basketball team.

Reports say he was hit by glass and suffered lacerations to his cornea of eye just days before he is supposed to compete in the Olympics. Reports also say Tony feels the club did not hire enough security. So now he's asking the club to cough up the doe!

Problem is, the club says it's NOT their fault. We hear the club feels the fight was out of their control and they did everything they could to stop it as quickly as possible.

Sources say the club finds Tony's allegation that they were understaffed to be ridiculous, saying they had around 15 security guards working that night and the owners personally choose who goes in the club and who doesn't.

So far, no charges have been filed related to the brawl, but the case is still under investigation by the NYPD.


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