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Zac Efron & Rihanna Dating?!

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Could it be true?

We heard Zac Efron wants to change his "good boy" image so he's been trying to hook up with none other than miss bad girl herself, Rihanna.

Sources say, he even sent flowers to Rihanna's hotel room...
“Rihanna called his room right away and they had a sweet conversation. Zac suggested that they get together when they’re both in L.A. and she said, ‘Absolutely!’ Zac’s sick of his good-guy image. He wants to cut loose and have some fun – and he thinks Rihanna is the perfect girl for that.”

A few weeks ago at the premier of , "The Lorax," Zac dropped a condom on the Red Carpet. Is he trying to hard to live up to a bad boy image or just a coincidence?

Guess RiRi's camps didn't want any speculation on this one... they released a statement saying the rumors are "inaccurate." As for Zac, his team says the reports are also "false."


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