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Kim Kardashian Banned Rihanna From Seeing Kanye West?!

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Girls will be girls, but will Kim Kardashian let HER man around this girl?

We've been hearing all about Rihanna's love triangles lately and from what we hear, so has Kim Kardashian.

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Rumors say Kim has made it clear she doesn't want Rihanna anywhere near her boo, Kanye West. Sources say she went as far as banning RiRi from Kanye's dressing room during his London concerts.....

"Kim doesn't want women near him unless she is there - even friends. The fact Rihanna was linked to Rob probably didn't help."

Would you let YOUR boo hang with Rihanna? Or do we smell insecurities??

We could SO see this happening but we got to ask... Kim banning Kanye from Rihanna, So true or so False???

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