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NFL Chargers Curse?! 8th Death On Team.... Junior Seau Commits Suicide. (Details)

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The former San Diego Charger and 12 time Pro-Bowler was found dead in his home today.

Junior Seau was only 43 and had just retired before he took his own life on Wednesday (5/2/12) with a self inflicted gun shot wound.

Death on the team is nothing new to the San Diego Chargers...Junior is the 8th death from the team who played in the Super Bowl on Jan. 29, 1995.

Former team members just can't seem to put the pieces together...

"Is this a curse or something?"
center Courtney Hall said ...

"I just hope I'm not next."

"I'm still kind of processing everything right now...I had more to say back [in 2008] than I do now. I really am at a loss for words."

UPDATE: Junior Seau's family will let researchers study the former NFL linebacker's brain for evidence of trauma.

UPDATE: Eight months after his death, the scientists who examined his brain announced they had found evidence of CTE (chronic traumatic encephalopathy), a dire neurological disease linked to concussions, which has been a factor in the deaths of many other NFL players. 

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