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"TALK OF THE WEEK": Dead Celebrities Resurrected, Zimmerman's Out & More!

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Dead people going on tour? Zimmerman's Out Of Jail Already? It's the "Talk of the Week"...

This week we all got chills seeing Tupac -- who has been dead since 1996 -- resurrected in hologram form, live on stage at the Coachella festival!

Tupac Resurrected! Performs at Coachella... Look Who's NEXT (VIDEO)

CREEPY! But what does this mean for our future? How do you feel about this and how far will this go...

Will we be seeing our dead relatives in our living rooms?


Listen to the "Talk of the Week" w/Dj Lady T below:

More popular stories this week:

DWIGHT HOWARD: After ALL that controversy of him leaving the Orlando Magic then finally choosing to stay....Dwight is now out for the season having to get back surgery for a herniated disc.

TRAYVON MARTIN CASE: George Zimmerman is preparing to be released from prison on $150,000 bail. (Update: Zimmerman has been released on bail)

DICK CLARK passed away at the age of 82.

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