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FULL INTERVIEW: Beanie Sigel Talks Jay-Z Beef, Drake, Meek Mill & New Movie w/ Kevin Hart #TOTTexclusive

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Wait until you hear what former Roc-a-Fella artist, Beanie Sigel told us...

As previously reported, Beanie Sigel stopped by Lady T's radio show and explained where he stands now with former boss, Jay-Z, since their beef...

Adding that he hasn't spoke or seen him yet but,

" it's like the finish line...Like Drake says, I can't wait to run into him."

And believe it or not the Broad Street Bully actually had some really nice things to say about Drake, after dissing him along with Jay, back in 2010... and also spoke about Meek Mill, Rick Ross and new movies with Kevin Hart!

Listen to the FULL interview :

Watch Beanie live in the studio... CLICK HERE

Since this interview Beanie Sigel inked a distribution deal with EMI and is currently working on a collaborative album with Scarface titled, Mac and Brad.

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