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Cam'ron Takes Shots At Kanye West's Girlfriend, Kim Kardashian!

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Umm, did Cam just tweet that?!

Rapper Cam'ron decided to jump on Twitter a few days ago to remind everyone of Kim Kardashian's past, along with a photo of her toddler nephew Mason,

"Kim K is ill, smh wit da same mouth kiss da Kidz. I guess da hoes are wining lol"
"Lol why everybody saying I violated?! These pics are public record. Lol"


Seems that Kim Kardashian will never be ever to leave her sex tape with Ray J behind her...especially being the main reason she became famous.

Kanye West recently expressed his love for Kim Kardashian in song...

Do you think Cam took it too far? We all know his past beefs with Jay-Z, Kanye and the is this a shot at Kanye, because that his new girl??

Or is Cam simply voicing his opinion?!
Dun dun dun....


Kanye Proclaims His Love For Kim Kardashian On New Song! Kim Reacts (VIDEO)

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