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"Jersey Shore" Losing TWO Cast Members???

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Will the Jersey Shore house get new cast mates??

On a show that consists of getting wasted and having sex, we hear the producers of the "Jersey Shore" are freaked out that Snooki is prego and The Situation isn't drinking anymore.. so they're looking to phase the two out ... in favor of newer, wilder castmates.

We definitely wouldn't mind seeing two fresh wild faces on the show... but no Snooks?

Sidebar: Kinda happy they are phasing The Sitch out... the show was becoming way too "fake" and "put on" with him.

The new "Jersey Shore" season is set to begin filming this summer. 495, it's production company, had no comment.

What do you think about getting some new cast mates???


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  1. no the situation needs to stay on the show. he's the man!!! and Jwoww is hot as hell