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Bruno Mars 10th Man EVER To Cover Playboy (PHOTO)

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What happened to naked woman on the cover of "Playboy"? How the heck did Bruno Mars get there?

The 26-year-old entertainer is only the 10th man to appear on the cover – ever.

Bruno Mars follows in the footsteps of a few exclusive Hollywood men who have appeared on Playboy's cover..... Peter Sellers was the first Y-chromosome to appear on the cover back in April 1967, followed by Burt Reynolds (October 1979), Steve Martin (January 1980), Donald Trump (March 1990), Dan Aykroyd (August 1993), Jerry Seinfeld (October 1993), Leslie Nielson (February 1996), Gene Simmons (March 1999) and Seth Rogen (April 2009).

Bruno Mars appears on the cover of Playboy magazine's Sex and Music issue, in stores tomorrow, March 16th!

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