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Did Bad Girls Club Take It Too Far? Meet The New Girl + Tiara & Stasi Are BACK! (Exclusive Interview)

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There's a new Bad Girl in Sin City, but it's what happened to her that has everyone talking!

The new Bad Girls of Las Vegas are definitely bringing the drama.... Matter fact, their only on episode 4 and we are already meeting a new girl.

Only problem, they jumped her... ALL 6 OF THEM. Just to make her go home. She stayed strong too far and hasn't left yet, but some are asking how could producers let this happen?

Meet Jenna's replacement:

24 years old, Elease Donovan , born in Kingston, Jamaica from Miami, Floria. What a gorg pic right?

On last night's episode, just hours after she arrived at the house, that pretty face was jumped and attacked by all 6 of the girls on Bad Girls Club Las Vegas.

After watching last night's episode your feedback came flooding in on how you felt about Elease getting jumped by 6 girls....
this season is lame im done watchin this crap these gurls are so childish and sorry maybe next season producers

wow you girls are the most pathetic excuses for bad girls I've ever seen! 6 on one for no reason at all? producers should have let her get up and individually punch every one of you bitches!

These bitches are so f**king triffling....!!!

After tonight I think it is time to write or boycott the sponsers and whoever else advertises on BGC when the producer's allow 6 on 1 and don't send anyone home. That was battery and assault and to do nothing means the producers condone such criminal acts. If that was a YouTube video police would be investigating.

Pure trash. Way to go to the producers to let them gang up on one person. Really? Oxygen revamp this show b/c this season trash is a new low.
According to the rules of this show all of the 6 should be sent home for assulting that girl that way. Did the rules change? Or is the only way to be sent home now is for murder?

Or maybe it's not THAT serious after all, according to one viewer...

Actually, all of you are getting your panties in a bunch about these bitches getting jumped is all part of the script. -__-

But we even noticed celebs like Kreyshawn chiming in on the subject, writing to previous Bad Girl Natalie Nunn...

MAN .. All this bullying is horrible. It makes me sick!! Being BAD is different then being MEAN.

Do YOU think the Bad Girls Club took it too far this time?

Not only did Oxygen bring in a new bad girl, they brought in an "old" bad girl too...not one but TWO.

Usually the Bad Girls Club show brings back Season 4 favorite, Natalie Nunn to stir up the drama each new season.... But this time around Oxygen has decided to switch it up and bring in Tiara & Stasi from last season, New Orleans.

We spoke to both Tiara & Stasi before getting picked to make an appearance on season 8.....

Lady T got Tiara & Stasi to spill the dirt on what their real issues are with Natalie, check it out...

Natalie responded here.

Bad Girls Club airs every Monday night on Oxygen at 10/9c.


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  1. Too far. Quit watching the show after it became clear they were going to do nothing but glorify being a bully.