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Jay-Z Rocawear Business Going Under??

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What does Jay-Z plan to do to keep his Rocawear biz from going under?...

Seems like business' can just say they are going out of business lately, just to get the press.

But according to reports, Jay-Z is on a mission to save his Rocawear clothing brand that he co-founded with former business partner Dame Dash....supposedly global sales have decreased by 500 million!

Oddly enough Jay-Z ended up laying off 28 out of 56 of Rocawear's employees last month...all on the same day his daughter with Beyonce was born! (Hmmm...)

Word is now Jay plans to lend his A-list status to star in the brand's first-ever television campaign....and it's going to be called, "Titled 'From Marcy to Madison Square."

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  1. Well... Rocawear use to be a big sell out back 10yrs ago because of the big time drug dealers.... Which I think are the biggest tax payers because they're are always purchasing houses,cars,cloths etc. Anyways the feds put them away for a lengthy period of time but allow these new no money maker,non -organized gangs who still live with their parents killing one another who can't afford apologies for getting to deep... Anyway I always love jay's product but in this economy not too many people can afford it.