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UPDATED: Drake & Common Fight Backstage At Grammys!?

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During all the Grammys madness were these two really fighting backstage??

It was not too long ago that there were rumors of Drake and Lil' Wayne getting into a scuffle backstage at a concert.... now rumor has it, this time Weezy was the one who had to break up a fight.... between Drake and Common!

Allegedly during the Grammys this past weekend, Common and Drake seen each other for the first time since their diss songs....

At the time of the "incident" Questlove from the Roots wrote on Twitter,

"Uh. Drizzy & Com are seeing each other for first time. No comment,"

Supposedly the boys ended up getting into a shouting match that lead to Common getting escorted back to his seat by a "plain clothes police officer."

That night Drake wrote on Twitter,

"Pop down,"

followed up with,

"Club Paradise starts on Tuesday...ASAP OVO TDE SFCB Mobbed out...that's all I care about."

Think these boys really got into backstage? So true or total BS???

UPDATE: So this is what we are hearing actually happened...

The men and their crews DID indeed have words with each other, but it may have actually ended by Drake and Common finally squashing their beef!

Allegedly when the men and the crew's came into contact with each other back stage, Common was trying to approach Drake in an angry way and Drake said,
"Yo, I grew up listening to this dude, what's the problem?,"
and his security also chimed in trying to squash it,
"We respect you, this isn't necessary."
Sources are saying Common wanted to speak with Drake "man to man" but then supposedly Drake's father jumped in telling both men that they,
"need to cut this out, y'all are better than this."
After that, sources say Common and Drake then shook hands, squashed their beef and told their crews it's over.

Police did end up arriving on scene but their was no need to intervene anymore... and we also hear that no other YMCMB artists were present, which may have made the escalated the situation.

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