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Uh oh!! #LoveGames WINNER Revealed?? Spoiler Alert Just In!

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Uh oh, did they spoil the winner of "Love Games" over Twitter?? Someone may be in trouble...

Months ago in November, when "Love Games 3" premiered on Oxygen, one of the male contestants, Edson Segarra, got on Twitter told everyone he was the winner of "Love Games 3" with Judi from Bad Girls Club 7.....

"Always with ya and you're welcome anytime Judi! me and u won love games"

Judi then responded saying,

"And you know this! ;)"

Someone just sent us the screen shots, check em out below!

....supposedly Judi's Twitter page got "hacked" but what about Edson's?

Who do you think won?? Watch the finale tonight on Oxygen!

UPDATE: You should never believe everything you hear on Twitter guys.... Judi did win but not with Edson.... Her winning guy for Love Games 3 ended up being Mathew. Congrats!


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