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Kris Humphries Tries To OUT Kim Kardashian's "Gay" Friend (VIDEO)

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Everyone has that friend that you're just not sure if they like boys or girls, but do you ask them on national television?

So not feeling how Kris Humphries totally tried outing Kim's friend Jonathan Cheban on "Kourtney & Kim Take New York" on their latest episode....

We can understand Kris' concern with another man hanging with his wife, in personal settings to say the least. But supposedly Kim's friend Jonathan has never had a girl around and doesn't say wither he likes men or woman.

At that point it's obvious the man doesn't want to discuss and come out to the world about his sexuality on television. Kris and even Kim should have left it alone, but instead they attempted to bully him into confessing.

Do you think Kris over did it?

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