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Common Disses Drake On "Stay Schemin'" Remix (#MP3 DOWNLOAD)

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Common takes Drakes head on in new remix....

Common says Drake is dissing him but won't say his name, but he mentions Serena Williams, who was in a relationship with Common.
"Can't say my name but rap about a niggas wife....."

"You all black and white tryna live a niggas life .. "

"My Motto is Chicago bitch....Acting all hard when he aint hardly like that...talking you gon really catch a body like that ahhhh (*Drake voice*)"

and even with all of that.....just in case you weren't sure who Common is talking about, he chimes in at the end of the track saying,

"Make no mistake I'm talking to Drake! It's the remix.... Rick Ross, Common and that hoe ass nigga"

Listen/ download Rick Ross, Drake & Common "Stay Schemin'" Remix

Check out the original featuring French Montana...

Rick Ross, Drake & French Montana "Stay Schemin'" MP3 Download:


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  1. Yea....Win for Common. I hate that sample at the end though, I understand the intent though.

  2. wow you cn't get mad cusx drake the best after lil wayne.....aint nobody worrying bout common.the reason why he diss drake is cusx he wnnted to make a new song, but thought nobody wusx gone listen to it like they do drake, so he diss drake to make people listen to it......TELL YOU THE TRUTH HE DON'T WANNA MESS WITH YOUNG MONEY, MESS ROUND AND GET HIS LYFE ENDED" AND THAT GOES OUT TO YOU ANONYMOUS PERSON WHO POSTED", TO FAKE TO PUT YA REAL NAME "SIMMONS BOI" and i bet you cnt take a punch either--and maybe it could be by me