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Chris Brown Says No To Interviews in 2012

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Chris has a new way to stop the hate in 2012...

Chris Brown doesn't want to be asked any more questions about Rihanna...matter fact, noone can ask him anything at all, according to his manager, Tina Davis.

“If people are going to judge anything, judge him for his talent,”
says Tina.
“He signed up to sing and entertain. Not to talk about his personal life.”

"No interviews.....We're not trying to be rude, selfish or disrespectful to anyone in any way. We look at it as starting all over. Our grind, our choices are different than they probably would have been three years ago. But we are humbly trying to get back into the swing of things. He has this movie and other scripts are coming our way. A couple of different companies have been talking to us about partnering with him. They're not afraid to stand next to him. They understand that hey, this young man has another 20-30 years to go. He has a right to be able to grow up and learn about being a man, being a person."

While Chris is denying interviews, his ex- Rihanna was just named the Top Selling Digital Artist Of All Time...

Rihanna Named Top Selling Digital Artist Of All Time

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