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Details On Avatar 2! (VIDEO)

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Avator fans, it's going to take Mr. Cameron just a few more years to out-do the original...

Director of 3D animated film Avator, James Cameron, just a few months ago said he anticipated Avator 2 releasing sometime in 2014 or 2015. Now the producer, Jon Landau has announced a different date, as late as 2016.

Allegedly a source said today,

"According to Landau this morning, the first sequel is 'four years away.' So that's 2016 by a literal count, though we could be bendy and assume that Christmas 2015 would also be an option. Expect Avatar 3 a year later, as the performance capture and cinematography would take place back-to-back with the second film."

We hear James Cameron wants to push the envelope even more on Avator 2, filming at 60 frames per second.... as opposed to the industry standard, 24 frames per second.

The development of the original Avator began in 1994 so were hoping this next one comes out sooner!

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