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"Talk Of The Week" 12/4-10: NBA Trade Madness!

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The NBA has us all stretching our heads at these latest moves...

Lamar Odom off the Lakers? Dwight Howard leaving the Orlando Magic?

This week you said nothing was more talked about than the madness of the NBA trades....

A three-way team trade between the LA Lakers and New Orleans Hornets went wrong and now some players are left wondering where the heck they will be playing...

Lamar Odom Traded Off LA Lakers?! Almost In Tears During Interview! (VIDEO)

Dwight Howard Joining Jay-Z & Brooklyn Nets??? (UPDATES)

That a three-way trade was supposed to send star point guard Chris Paul to the Los Angeles Lakers. Leading to Paul Gasol and Lamar Odom being shipped to the New Orleans Hornets. It was soon vetoed and all players were to return back to their original teams...but some are still upset and not sure what to do.

Now, word is the three-way trade has been resubmitted to the league office for approval, so Chris Paul may still go to the LA Lakers.

Get the scoop...listen to the "Talk of the Week" w/ Lady T below:


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