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Singer Adam Lambert Gets Arrested For Beating Up Boyfriend??? (Details)

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Across the sea, previous American Idol contestant Adam Lambert almost beat down his boyfriend...

Adam and his boyfriend, Finnish Big Brother star Sauli Koskinen, physically fought inside a gay bar in Finland which just happened to be called "Don't Tell Momma".... well, the fight ended up spilling into the street, where the boys got arrested.

Adam Lambert allegedly even got physical with people who tried to break up the fight ...

They were both arrested for multiple assaults but cops say both men, since neither party was injured, they were questioned and released with no charges filed.

Afterward, the big brother star Sauloi blogged about the incident saying,
"Publicity is not easy, but also celebrities are just human. Love is not easy either, but it lasts forever!"

We guess the boys kissed and made up because Adam also tweeted,

"Jetlag + Vodka = blackout.

Us ÷ blackout = irrational confusion.

jail + guilt + press = lesson learned.

Sauli + Adam + hangover burgers = laughing bout it. :)"

The question that everyone's talking about is....should this incident and other gay domestic violence cases be treated differently just because of they are the same sex?

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