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Secret To Not Gaining Weight This Holiday!

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Did you know the average person gains about 2 pounds every Holiday? But before you even get there... try these tips to avoid putting on the pounds in the first place.

During the Holiday there always seems to be so much more food around right? More cookies at he office, bake sales at school...just more food!

The solution?

Snack often, especially before you attend holiday parties. Health snacks though....try nuts, yogurt, or half a turkey sandwich.

You never want to go to someone's party starving. This way you don't over eat when you get there.

Keep socializing!

When you're talking, it’s harder to stuff your mouth with bacon-wrapped mini hot dogs and chocolate chip cookies.

Food to limit or stay away from!

Eggnog: such a good Holiday drink but such a great pound adder. One serving is 201 Calories and 13 grams of fat. So how can you enjoy your eggnog without gaining the weight? Grab a fat-free brand ;)

Apple Pie: These bad boys add up! Just one slice of your favorite apple pie could be up to or more than 26 grams of fat...yikes. Might want to skip this one this Holiday if you don't want to gain. Or make your own...the fat is in the crust.....instead of the pie crust use apple strudel dough.

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