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Rumor Alert.... Khloe Kardashian's Pregnant & Her New Reality Show Is Filming It All???

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Another Kardashian sister's prego?

Not quite... for some reason when Khloe Kardashian was in Dallas at the Children's Medical Center for a Toy Drive reports started surfacing that she was pregnant, due to the photos....

If you're wondering who is that man, he's the mayor of Dallas, welcoming Khloe to town.

We got our own set of photos from the day and her shirts a bit fluffed out but we don't see much of anything there but Khloe helping out for a good cause....

Soon though, fans began to reference the rumored pregnancy... when one fan asked her on Twitter to please have beautiful babies, Khloe responded...

"I'm waiting on the big man upstairs to bless us with that blessing ;)."

As for now Khloe may not be pregnant, but her Reality Show with her husband, former L.A. Laker now Dallas Maverick, Lamar Odom has been filming everything!

Cameras for "Khloe & Lamar' & "Keeping Up With The Kardashians" were spotted on scene at the toy drive... capturing single every moment.

Hey, who knows maybe Khloe will end up getting pregnant during the show.... Her mom, Kris Jenner is probably somehow working on that right now.

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