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North Korean Leader Kim Jong Il Dead (Details + Video)

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What will happen next for North Korea?

North Korea's longtime leader Kim Jong Il, has died. He was believed to be 69.

Kim's death was reported by North Korean state television today, December 19, 2011 but actually died two days before on the 17th.

Click here to watch the broadcast announcement of Kim Jong I'll's death.

In the announcement the woman says Kim died two days earlier of myocardial infarction while riding on the train...

So who will take his place? In the same broadcast the woman announces that his son, Kim Jong-un will take over leadership.

Kim Jong Il's funeral is set for December 28, with a mourning period lasting until the following day.

Kim and his family are most known for being dictators and communists, making North Korea a "cult-like" country, who does not associate with outsiders.

The people there have shrines of photos dedicated to him in their homes. They are even said to believe that Kim is so "magical" that his moods control the weather.

This video was released of North Koreans crying and weeping over his death.

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