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New Music- Nicki Minaj "Stupid Hoe" (Lil' Kim Diss)

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Nicki...we mean, "Roman" is at it again!

Nicki Minaj's alter ego Roman has fired shots once again at Lil' Kim...and even though she never mentions her name, with punch lines like...

"Bitch talkin' she the queen when she looking like lab rat"

...and with their current beef, we know exactly who Nicki's talking about.

Nicki even tweeted to her fans,who asked her to give the initials of the video she was currently filing... and she said,


So a video for it too?? If you listen to the song you can tell Nicki's just playing around...seeming to give the impression that she can say anything and make a hit...while calling Kim a "Stupid Hoe" at the same time.

We know Kim's got to be super PO'ed at this one...

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This all comes after Lil' Kim dissed Nicki recently on Black Friday with the
"Warning" Freestyle and I'm not the One"... Nicki released "Roman In Moscow"

in response but guess she wasn't done yet and now we have "Stupid Hoe."

And the saga continues! What do you think about all of this?

Not too long ago we caught up with Lil Kim and she explained her side of the Nicki Minaj/ Cash Money Beef -
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