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NASA Discovers New Earth-like, Habitable Planet???? (PHOTOS)

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Could there be life on other planets? Maybe!

Nasa made a new discovery today. It has announced that its Kepler mission, whose job it is to search for planets outside of our Solar System and determine whether they are habitable, has found a planet with temperatures that can theoretically support Earth-like life. And it’s only about 600 light-years away.

Scientists don't yet know if Kepler-22b has a predominantly rocky, gaseous or liquid composition, but its discovery is a step closer to finding Earth-like planets.

This isn’t the first exoplanet discovered in a habitable zone like this, but it’s the first one small enough to conceivably be an analogue of our own planet. Its mass is just a little over twice the size of the Earth, meaning it might be similar in composition.

There’s a lot about this planet that we don’t know though, which means right now we have no idea if the planet is actually is livable or not. Because of the way Kepler finds planets, NASA right now has no idea what the composition of the planet is. It could be a ball of could have no atmosphere. It could be mostly liquid. It might not have an atmosphere at all.

If this new planet is just like Earth would YOU move there? (......don't do it! lol)

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