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Jay-Z Signs X-Factor Contestant?? (VIDEO)

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Rihanna, J. Cole and now ...Ehhh..not so fast! Rumors are saying the former X-Factor contestant and little diva himself, Astro has been signed to Jay-Z. But we're guessing Jay already has way too many diva by his side... Beyonce, Rihanna and now his new baby girl.... because the rumors are false!

Word is Astro doesn't even know anyone at Roc Nation...

"I don't have a check or a contract, so as far as I know, I'm not signed,"

"I have never met anyone from Roc Nation. I'd love to, but I'm not signed right now to anyone," he said. "Nobody ever hit me up about that — just go on the Internet and it's up there. But I'm not signed as far as I know."

Nice try though ;)

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  1. Jay is a fake thug... He could spit lyrics though. Remember da video when he wuz a fast brand nubian rapper??? Dats who he really is. Not dat gansta rapper he has the whole world thinking. He's a good actor though.. he sure had me fooled.