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J-Lo Sells Her Engagement Ring?! Marc Anthony Says Keep Your Boy-Toy's Away From MY KIDS!

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It's almost like daja vu for J-lo again...divorce, date a back up dancer, repeat...

Reports surfaced this past week that Jennifer Lopez is so over her ex- Marc Anthony that she was selling her engagement ring. But sources close to J-Lo say, no way...the ring is actually valued more than double of the reported $4 million value. (Damnnnn)

So we guess she's keeping that sucka!

But as for Marc he's not happy that J-lo is prancing around the city with her new boy toy and THEIR CHILDREN.

Not only that, supposedly J-lo bought this guy a tricked out Bentley and had him drive her and her kids around!

We hear that once Marc Anthony seen Casper Smart, J-lo's new younger boo and back-up dancer, who has also been arrested for drag racing and has warrants......driving their kids, he had a fit and banned him from ever driving their toddler twins around again.

One source says that Marc,
"went ballistic when he found out about Casper's criminal record. He explicitly told Jen that Casper wasn't allowed to drive their children anywhere. Marc hates the fact that Casper is spending time with Max and Emme. Marc is extremely jealous, and doesn't think Jen is using good judgement when it comes to Casper."
Also that,
"Marc and J.Lo had a tense conference call when she was in Morocco. Inevitably, their discussion boiled down to her new boyfriend (Smart) and Marc made the decision not to work with Jennifer last week as a result"

J-lo's new boo has been arrested twice -- for speeding and driving on a suspended license....and she let's him drive her kids?


P.S. After her and Marc "broke it off," J-lo has now been coined the “world’s greatest musical comeback act”...meanwhile her and Marc have yet to formally file for divorce....
Anyone think these two are still together and this is all for publicity? hmmm. Hope not.


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