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Dwight Howard Joining Jay-Z & Brooklyn Nets???

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We've told about you about the rumors and now Orlando may be looking for a new superman.

It's been floating around since the lock-out began, and now Dwight Howard leaving his home team the Orlando Magic may actually be true!

Dan Fegan, the agent for Orlando Magic center Dwight Howard, says Dwight Howard had received permission to explore potential trades.

Fegan says,
"The report that Dwight was supposed to be traded today is also inaccurate. In fact, so many of the facts reported in today's story are inaccurate, it is difficult to separate the facts from fiction, so I'm not even going to bother to address the other inaccuracies."
Dwight hasn't made a decision yet, to the media at least but sources say he is most interested in heading over to the New Jersey Nets....... who are making their way to their new Brooklyn home with co-owner, rapper Jay-Z. Sources also say the Nets are one of three teams Howard would be interested in joining if they can make an equitable deal with the Magic to acquire him. The other two teams were not identified.

Do you think Dwight will make that move??


- Sources say another team looking to pick up Dwight is The Dallas Mavericks....and some say this may be his best choice.

- Dwight personally responded to the rumors. When asked about his future and what’s he’s planning to do long-term, he shook his head saying...

“Is that the only question you ever ask me?.....Every event you see me at, that’s it. I can be doing anything else and that’s the only question I get. Right now, we’re in Orlando. We just had practice and that’s what matters. Nothing else matters beyond today and this moment.”

Dwight Howard said he doesn’t know where some of these rumors come from....hmmmm


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