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Breaking News: Murderer Of Death Row Executive Gunned Down By LAPD!

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The man who killed a Death Row executive last week has been shot and killed by the LAPD...

A Death Row Music and real estate executive, John Atterberry, was driving near Sunset Boulevard and Vine Street when he was blasted three times in the face and neck by the gunman, later identified by authorities as Tyler Brehm, 26.

Brehm began firing a .40-caliber handgun at motorists, police said. He shot Atterberry's silver Mercedes-Benz coupe.

John Atterberry was shot on Friday and according to reports, died shortly before 5 p.m. on Monday.

Atterberry worked in marketing in the fashion industry, then returned to the music industry, where he became the vice president of the controversial Death Row Records. The label was home to some of the biggest acts in West Coast hip hop, including Dr. Dre, Snoop Dog and the late Tupac Shakur...who still has a lot of controversy following his death.

He later founded Los Angeles-based music publishing company Infusion Music Group, where he worked on albums for Christina Aguilera, Michael Jackson, Brandy, the Spice Girls and Jessica Simpson.

The gunman fired about 20 rounds before he was killed by Los Angeles police.

Reports are saying that Tyler Brehm, the man who murdered John Atterberry & who was later killed by police, had broken up with his longtime girlfriend days before the rampage. His ex-girlfriend, Alicia Alligood, told the news that he seemed "stressed out" after the breakup and may have been taking prescription drugs.


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