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Beyonce Sued For $100 Million! This Can't Be Good....

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Even being one of the richest people in the world, 100 mil would put a dent in anyone's pockets.

Reports are saying that Manhattan Supreme Court Justice Charles Ramos just approved a lawsuit that levels charges of breach of contract against the pop star.

A video game developer Gate Five served a summons alleging that Beyoncé had broken her word regarding a motion-sensing dance video game called Starpower: Beyoncé.

The company, who says their backer pulled out of the deal because Beyoncé was
“too erratic to do business with,”
says the star
“double crossed”

But to us it just looks like Beyonce and her team are all about the biz!

According to Gate Five, after negotiating a deal, she came back with an “extortionate” demand for more money, and then backed out completely after the financing fell through.

Beyoncé’s lawyers tried unsuccessfully to block the suit; now the company has the go-ahead to sue for $100 million.

We're hearing Jay and Beyonce are looking at big 'ol mansion's to buy in Miami too....they might have to put the breaks on that just for now.


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