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"TWEET OF THE WEEK" Nicki Minaj VS. Cher!!!

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Nicki Minaj, her boyfriend and her Team Minaj got into it with iconic singer, Cher! WTF?!

Yes, unfortunately it's true. This is how it all started...

Nicki Minaj's song "Did It On 'Em" mentions Cher in the line,

If you could turn back time, Cher/You used the be here but now you gone Nair

We're guessing Cher, who's more than twice Nicki's age, is not up on Hip-Hop metaphors because when someone brought it to her attention on Twitter, she started a full out Twitter war.....

But looked liked Cher's apology was too late. By the time Cher realized she had jumped to conclusions, Nicki tweeted her,

And her BF/ hype man (and allegedly the person who Nicki herself got into a physical altercation with a few months ago) ...Scaff Beezy let it off!

Even getting extremely disrespectful to the legend...

And you knowww Team Minaj gave it to Cher too...

Think Nicki and her team took it too far with Cher? Or did they have every right too?


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  1. Hmm...Linda Rondstadt. Helen Reddy. Deborah Harry. Cyndi Lauper. Donna Summer. Pat Benetar. Toni Braxton. Carly Simon. Olivia Newton-John. Dionne Warwick. The aforementioned ladies span five decades and have shared the stage with one constant: Cher!

    Not one of these ladies could sell out a 15 - 20 Thousand seat arena. All of the woman were critically hailed and rendered long careers; similarly Cher was critically panned every decade and rendered to be on her way out.

    Cher ranks as the 8th best selling female artist in history, has the third highest grossing U.S. Tour in history. She's had a #1 Billboard hit in six consecutive decades. Oh yeah, her mantle adorns a Best Actress Oscar, and a Golden Globe, Emmy and Grammy statue.

    Going on tour this fall, releasing a new CD featuring a song with Lady Gaga. Her true contemporaries: Bette Midler, Tina Turner, Diana Ross, Barbara Streisand can still sell the seats but even they don't maintain the pace Cher does or the oeuvre of music.

    I like Nicki Minaj, but let us see if she's still hot 50 years into her career. And, if she is (kudos)I hope she doesn't make a dumb mistake and have some fish out of the water type go all ballistic on her.

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