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NBA Player & "Basketball Wives" Star, Matt Barnes Caught Creepin' w/ Eva Longoria! (PHOTOS)

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Ladies, leave an NBA baller and he'll find the next hottest thang walking!

If you follow VH1's "Basketball Wives" LA Reality Show, you would know that L.A Lakers player, Matt Barnes, and his fiance and baby's mother, Gloria Govan, have called it quits.

Gloria said Matt waited too long (4 years) to say he's ready to settle down.... and now that Matt says he's ready, Gloria left him.

We feel her BUT..... after 4 years of putting in relationship work and finally getting him where you want him.........why let him go to someone else? Unless he's bad news.

Then again, now that Gloria has this new found stardom from "Basketball Wives," she probably thinks she doesn't need him....but isn't he the sole reason she is on the show in the first place??

But don't worry Gloria, now that Matt is off your hands he fell right into Eva Longoria's! And those are some nice hands to fall into lol

Check out these new photos of her picking him up from the airport, both trying to stay incognito...

Despite what it seems ... sources close to Eva say NOTHING romantic going on between the two -- insisting they're just "good friends" who have done a bunch of charity work together.

Is that what they call it these days??


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