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Lil Boosie Sentenced To 8 years, But Has Much Bigger Problems...

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While Conrad Murray only gets about 2 for killing the King of Pop, rapper Lil' Boosie gets 8 for drug charges...

But that's not all Boosie may be getting....

Rapper Lil Boosie was sentenced to 8 years for conspiring to smuggle drugs into prison... three times!

Boosie -- who was featured on the 2007 hit "Wipe Me Down" and Dj Khaled's "Out Here Grindin'" -- was in court in Louisiana Tuesday morning, where he plead guilty to three counts conspiring to bring drugs into a penal institution.

Fan pages on Twitter rallied up support by Tweeting,

2day is #Boosie Court date!! We will not let the DA win this case!!! Fans we need ur support!! RETWEET
But the judge ended up sentencing Boosie to 8 years in prison.

That's not all though. Boosie has much bigger problems -- he's also been accused of 1st degree murder in the death of a 35-year-old man ... and could possibly face the death penalty if convicted.

Boosie's murder trial is set to begin in April.

Not only that, Lil Boosie's fate behind bars will finally be determined in the near future as one of his associates confessed to murder...which he says Boosie told him to do!

According to reports, 18 year-old Michael "Marlo Mike" Louding spoke to detectives telling them in a videotaped statement played in court that Boosie ordered Louding and five other men to murder 6 people within a 14 month period.


Boosie responded to the new drug charge sentencing. He released a statement saying,

"Don’t worry about me I am getting help with my drug addiction and I am accepting full responsibility for the choice I made."

He adds,
"I am going to fight the false murder charge till the end. Love you all."


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UPDATE (February 1, 2013):  

Lil' Boosie Breaks Silience About Prison Release! His First Interview In Years!

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