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Kardashian Cheating Scandal... And It's NOT Kim!

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There's been rumors floating around of some infidelity in the Kardashian camp...

A rumor spread pretty fast this week about Kourtney Kardashian's boo and baby's daddy, Scott Disick, may have been cheating on her with another reality star!

Somehow word spread that he has been cheating on her with MTV "Hills" star and former Dancing with the Stars contestant, Kristin Cavallari. But Kristin says,

"It's 100 percent not true."

The Hills star -- who's back on with Chicago Bears quarterback Jay Cutler -- added that her ex-fiance
"didn't believe [the report] for one second."

Cavallari said she was also upset that Disick, 28, and the Kardashian family didn't deny the tabloid story outright. And are probably using her to boost rating for Kourtney and Kim's new show..

"I just think, what convenient timing for them with their show premiering next week. With everything that's going on for Kim, I feel like they're trying to take the heat off her,"
she said.
"When there's a big story like that, they always call you and ask if you want to comment and clearly none of them denied it."

"It's disrespectful to me and Jay,"
Cavallari added,
"and I think it just says a lot about their character."


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